Pick a fitness tracker that suits your needs

Fitness Tracker

Pick a fitness tracker that suits your needs

They began to keep track of heart rate only, and take a number of steps. But these days, fitness trackers to know the time and height, and your location, and how much you’ve slept, how well you sleep, and even help you to pay the cost of your trip on public transport.

But finding the right fit for your needs amid mind-boggling range of options can be tricky.

Said Jasmine Goh, 37, one of the greatest marathon runners in Singapore female: “It is important to choose a physique that is suitable for this type of exercise you have a tracker, as well as the location, which is usually practiced in.”

Here are some tips that you should consider when choosing a fitness tracker:

Do not go up on price, design
Said Eugene SNG (33 years) fitness with SG favor of coach, the club, which conducted training courses in more than 20 locations throughout Singapore, “we can not design and price means it has the best job you need.”

Instead, he said the ease should be a major consideration. He pointed battery life as an example of the ease of use, saying: “owning a track that he has a long battery life is a must because it avoids the hassle of shipping often.”

Have a specific goal in mind
Before getting on the track, one should have a specific fitness goal in mind, so you do not become a white elephant tracker.

He SNG: “The main question that arises is, what is your goal?

“People will be more willing to wear it if they have a goal in mind that needs to be tracked.”

Henrik Olofsson, 32, head of fitness in the gym TripleFit, suggested guideline when it comes to determining what is really necessary functions.

He said: “If you run a lot, you need GPS and heart rate monitor.

“If you simply want to keep track of your daily activity levels, and you probably need one that counts your steps only.

“If you need to prove you’re not sleeping well, and then track the sleep can be a validation.

“Ultimately, the track is very comprehensive fitness today. You can follow many of the standards, but I would say that my recommendations are a step tracking and monitoring heart rate.”

It’s not BE- each Anhae- ALL
While getting on track can motivate a person toward the goal of fitness, it is unrealistic to rely entirely on the device to help one success. Said Evan McCall, 32, the owner of the functions of fitness: “It boils down to the extent of mental strength much you’ve got, you want to succeed in your goals.”

Learn how to use information technology
“, The latest tools are good to have. They can motivate you, but if you do not know how to use data and information to help you achieve your goals, and then defeats the purpose,” said McCall.




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Pick a fitness tracker that suits your needs

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