2017 fitness exercises trend


2017 fitness exercises trend

1. Technology can be worn

Topping the list is a viable technology for wear, such as fitness trackers, pedometers and heart rate monitors. These products market is booming and shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, it is expected to reach more than $ 4 billion by 2017 sales.

But if you buy rechargeable technology to wear to lose weight, you may want to postpone. A recent study found that the participants were overweight in a randomized clinical trial who wore a wearable actually lost less weight than the other group followed the same food plan and fitness without fitness tracker. (1) This may be because people overeat after seeing exactly how much they exercise or go on that day, or just the opposite – someone did not break a sweat may one day I got frustrated.

But this does not mean that the technology is not helpful for achieving your health goals. While I would not recommend wearing wireless devices behind a short workout because of exposure to electromagnetic radiation, using your smart phone to keep track of your workouts or the amount of your eating can help you to measure patterns. (The fast axis of those unhealthy.) If you’re a geek data, you can mine through the days, weeks or even months of information to notice patterns in your habits.

One caveat: Long-term use of wireless networks may have a negative impact on your health and increase the risk of things like oxidative stress, headaches and a decrease in perception, while exposure to the lights and technology directly before bedtime can disrupt sleep patterns and the quality of the low slept happen. (2) Use your judgment on how much you rely on the devices and remove them – or at least put it in the jet mode when it’s time to rest.

2. Body weight training

Yes, the secret is out. Training the body is one of the hottest trends practice next year, and for good reason. You do not need fancy equipment, and membership of an expensive or too much room for these exercises, so the body exercises attractive and effective for sure.

Training the body helps to increase lean muscle mass in individuals, especially when combined with aerobic activity. (3) Body training exercises is also a great way to ease into strength training, especially if you are new to the gym. You can modify the exercises to your level as well – just look at these differences paying up 32.

3. High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

Most of us in a short time these days, so it is not surprising that the high-intensity training, or HIIT, is one of the major trends of the process next year.

Rather than spend a long time to exercise at a moderate pace, with HIIT, you engage in short bursts of exercise at maximum or near-maximum heart rate. This means you will burn more calories in the 20 to 30 minutes longer than I had in the session. Benefits of HIIT and extensive- It’s one of my favorite ways to workout- but one of the most interesting findings is how they help build stamina, too.

One study found that after just two months of HIIT, participants can bike twice as long as they could before the study – and the preservation of a single frequency. (5) If you’re willing to try it out, and these exercises have been designed HIIT is a good place to start.

4. educated and experienced professionals Fitness

Work with a fitness professional, such as a personal trainer, can be a great way to get the detailed guidance and accountability to achieve your fitness goals. In fact, working with a coach based on one-to-one can actually change an individual’s attitude toward fitness, which helps to increase their physical activity. (6)

Because there are a lot of personal trainers there, it is very important that you find someone who is certified in their area of ​​expertise and understanding of the goals and motives of your own. The following is a hand of 10 things to consider before choosing a personal trainer list.

5. strength training

Strength training is witnessing his time in the spotlight. While people, especially women, and sometimes shy away from the weight room, strength training is critical to maintain the health of our bodies, especially as we age. It helps maintain muscle mass and increase your metabolism to burn more calories even when you’re not working out. (7)

One study found that in 10 weeks, adults who do not practice could see an increase in lean weight more than 3 million pounds and a decrease in fat weight approximately 4 pounds, with the increase in resting metabolic rate by 7 percent. (8)

6. Training Group

Do you usually solo workout? 2017 could be the year to try coaching the team.

Group training is trying to make a new practice, such as spinning or camp, and more fun. Having a coach experienced help to keep you motivated and pushes you to go that extra bit. And bringing along a friend or a new take in the class also has an effect. Competition friendly little can increase the incentive to work harder, as is the case in this study, exercise bike. (9)

Right Exercise For Your Fitness

Pick a fitness tracker that suits your needs



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2017 fitness exercises trend

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