Why Pregnant Women Need To Have Sex Almost Every Day

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Why Pregnant Women Need To Have Sex Almost Every Day

Every woman believes that a child pregnancy and motherhood is the greatest joy that a woman can experience. Many women are delighted by changes in the body during pregnancy. However, there are other women who offer pregnancy as a burden they must bear.

Whatever the perception of women, and everyone knows that pregnancy is not easy. Certainly, carrying a child for nine months can be really stressful and unstable. However, there is ease and we are here to offer you. Knowing these concessions will help to ease the tension.

Most women believe that they are not allowed to have sex during pregnancy. However, you should know that this is not true. You should also know that sex during pregnancy is likely to be the best sex you’ll ever have, and it will help you make the muscles stronger and your body more willing to work and delivery.

1. lowers blood pressure

A lot of people do not know that sex during pregnancy helps in reducing blood pressure. Everyone should know that oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, which is released during sex, it is a great stress reliever. This hormone can also help get rid of the tension that has accumulated. In other words, I’ll stay at a healthy blood pressure level. People should be aware that sex during pregnancy will make you feel calmer and what is more important, it will reduce the risk of heart attack.

2. enable sound sleep

Many people already know that women often face various discomforts during pregnancy, ranging from back pain to frequent urination. Also, the hours of sleep of women become shorter during this period because the fetus grows in the womb.

Thus, you should know that experiencing orgasm will certainly you feel wonderful and help you fall asleep more easily. In this way, sex during pregnancy is an excellent way for women to get a sound sleep.

3. increases intimacy

If a pregnant woman to have sex during pregnancy, it will increase the intimacy between them and her partner relationship level, and it will create a bond that will last forever. Many people believe that women are too violent during this period, and therefore avoid having sex.

However, despite these views, this is not true. What is true is that oxytocin that is released during sex also referred to as hormone bonding because it strengthens the emotional association, pregnant women and makes more sympathetic, confidence and supportive. In other words, the sex during pregnancy make your love grow stronger and you’re closer than ever.

4. reduces pain

Everyone should know that sex during pregnancy helps in reducing pain. Women should be aware that certain hormones, including prolactin, oestrogenand progesterone improve blood flow to the pelvic area, including the vagina, thereby increasing lubrication and sensitivity.



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Why Pregnant Women Need To Have Sex Almost Every Day

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