10 Natural Home Remedies for Sore Throat

Remedies for sore throat

10 Natural Home Remedies for Sore Throat

Sore throat is one of the most common reasons people go to the doctor.

[1] and they tend to affect children more than others.

[2] it is usually considered a simple sore throat complaint until you have one every swallow incite the pain the pain that may seem unlikely. Unfortunately, the only option is to treat the symptoms and rest to recover.

Fortunately, there are many natural remedies that can soothe a sore throat and there’s a good chance you already have many of them in your home.
Common causes of throat pain
There are many possible causes for a sore throat, and viruses are the most common. In fact, viruses pose for about 95% of sore throat in both adults and children under the age of 5. [2] Other common causes of sore throat include: [3.4]

  • Allergies
  • Dry air
  • Contamination
  • smoking
  • Exposure to people suffering from a sore throat
  • Cold
  • flu
  • Sore throat (strep)
  • tonsillitis
  • A weakened immune system
  • Acid reflux
  • Common symptoms of throat pain
    Sore throat is not the same symptoms? Yes, but as you probably know, not all sore throats are the same and some are more serious than others. You may have only one makes your voice hoarse, or it may be a serious impediment to your ability to breathe comfortably. Some of the most common form of sore throat symptoms are: [2]


  • Pain when swallowing
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Dry and itchy throat
  • Swollen glands around the neck and throat
  • hoarse voice
  • Sore throat is also the first symptoms of colds and flu, but may have other symptoms such as fever, runny nose, nasal congestion,
  • headache, abdominal pain, or vomiting. Consult your health care provider a reliable if you have a sore throat lasts longer than one week.

Best home remedies for sore throat
1. Drink warm liquids

If you have a cold, make sure you take in plenty of fluids. Nothing feels better than warm tea and thin soup when you’re sick. When the throat is raw and inflamed, drink warm drinks keeps your throat moist and comfortable. Black tea may be an obvious choice, but gives the green tea or oolong tea chance if Earl Grey is not your only, well, a cup of tea.

2. gargle with salt water

To ease the fast of sore throat pain, gargle with 8 ounces of warm with half a teaspoon of salt water. You may have heard of this practice before, and said it was the story of the elderly, “but the work [5] and many people swear by it.

3. Use moisturizer

If there is anything that can happen in the throat inflammation even worse than that, it’s tough and dry air. Use a humidifier to add moisture to the air around you. In one study, using a humidifier to reduce the severity of pain and sore throat. [6] If you suffer from other symptoms such as upper respiratory tract congestion, and try to add essential oils such as eucalyptus oil to a humidifier to ease and help expel excess mucus. [7]

4. honey and black seed oil

Honey may not be suitable for vegetarians, and this is dangerous for children under one year of age. However, honey does not offer many benefits. Add a teaspoon of honey to tea, or take a spoon through the mouth to soothe your sore throat. As an added bonus, research suggests that honey greatly improves the symptoms of cough in children. [8]

You can make your honey with high therapeutic spice by adding 2-3 drops of black cumin and grape seed oil (also called black seed oil) to your honey. Such as herbal teas, and black cumin seed oil is an anti-inflammatory and can help soothe the pain. [9.10]

5. Cold Food

Drink or eat something cold soothes the throat anger almost immediately. Instead of ice cream or ice pops, opt for the full fruit sorbet or make fruit pops your own to soothe irritation.

6. herbal tea

Many varieties of herbal tea effective in calming the inflammation of the throat. Chamomile, [11] lavender, echinacea, sage, [2], ginger, [12] and mint, [13] and tea licorice root [14] All the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Mint, in particular, relieves congestion of the upper respiratory tract by improving lung function and the ability to breathe through the nose. [15] If you need to add a little sweetener, stir a teaspoon of honey or elderberry in your own herbal tea. I love garlic? Try this recipe tea and garlic.

7. Essential Oils: Lavender, camphor and myrrh

Bitter [16] and eucalyptus effective to get rid of a sore throat but do not take them and tea. Instead, inhale the vapors using a publisher or a humidifier. You can also gargle with mouthwash, such as bitter.

And the application of one or two drops of lavender oil, specifically and exclusively species Lavandula angustifolia, to the back of the tongue or throat to relieve pain from dry, sore throat. The taste is not overwhelming the only side effect is a new breath smell flowers.

8. Spices: cayenne, turmeric, ginger, cloves

Cayenne may seem unexpected for a sore throat, but after burning, and provides relief and numbing pain. [17] to make, add a tablespoon of cayenne pepper for a quarter cup of warm water. Mixing in quite nippy, take the mouth, tilt your head back, and gargle. If you can not deal with a lot of spices, this may not



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10 Natural Home Remedies for Sore Throat

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