The best phone you can buy

Best Phone


            The best phone you can buy


It was a wild year in the world of smart phones, we saw everything from mobile units, phones explode, even iPhone that can get wet.

Smartphones were an integral part of our lives for nearly a decade.

but there is still a lot of interesting things going on with them.

There is still a lot going on with smart phones that can be difficult to find the right phone for your needs.

On the positive side, more difficult than ever to buy a bad phone.

Almost any phone you buy today will be fast performance, a big screen,

battery life can be relied upon, and a camera that can take pictures are incredible.

But there are still differences between smart phones in 2016.

and will usually not until after you buy the phone discovered.

When considering all the factors that are important for the smartphone – build quality, camera, and reliability, applications, and support after the purchase it – there is one phone that still stand out.
Apple iPhone 7
Despite the presence of similar design to previous models and two new annoyances, and 7 iPhone (his biggest brother, and 7 Plus) is still the best phone for most people.

It’s exceptionally well built; to have a fast and reliable performance; battery that will get most people through the whole day.

The camera that is as good as anything else out there. You can even get wet now, so dropping in a pool or spilling your beer in all of this is nothing to worry about anymore.

It’s familiar appearance and works pretty much like every iPhone before it,

but it is also smart phone with the least amount of headaches.

There are also great for customer support.

If something goes wrong, you can just walk into the Apple store to get it fixed.

which is almost does not offer any other smartphone maker.

IPhone 7 and 7 plus largely identical, except for $ 130 more,

plus 7 provides you with a bigger screen, a larger battery,

and a second camera on the back, which enables you to zoom in closer on the issues or re-create the DSLR camera effect.

A decision between the two, in fact boil down to whether you want a large phone or not, and it’s really up to you.

But not all is well with the iPhone 7.

The biggest annoyance is the fact that it does not have a headphone jack standard headset anymore, which means that you either need to use earphones included,

adapter included with other headphones, or go wireless.

It’s a nuisance, which will be either the agreement fails for you or not the issue at all,

depending on how you use your phone.

In spite of the shortcomings 0.7 iPhone is still the phone I would recommend most people.

It’s a little bit better iPhone, which means it really is a good thing.

What if you do not want iPhone, or you do not really want a headphone jack? Then you should take a look at Google’s new phone.



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The best phone you can buy

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